A New Year … a new beginning.

While I’m not one for resolutions, I do resolve to make my blog public very soon.

But I’m still hanging on to a few things from 2005, mainly because I haven’t had the chance to write about them yet. For example, I cannot bid adieu to 2005 until I talk to you about The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle.

I. Love. This. Book.

I bought it two years ago and can honestly say that I have not regretted the purchase once. Beside the fact that the book is beautifully designed and photographed, the recipes are easy to follow and well-organized. The introductions to each cookie recipe are so inviting. Surprisingly, I’ve only tried a handful of the recipes in this book (there are over 250 recipes in total). But this must be remedied my friends. This is why I have made this book the Cream Puffs in Venice "Flavour of the Month" for January 2006.

I have the honour of becoming a godmother in February. You can be certain that I will be turning to this book for assistance when the time comes to bake cookies for that grand occasion.

Happy 2006!


The Brandied Eggnog Cookies pictured above are from The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle.