It’s like Christmas in May here in the Cream Puff household. The happy feeling of being a child on Christmas morning is a result of having received my Canadian Blogging by Post package.

It all happened yesterday when I returned home from work and saw a mysterious brown package waiting for me on the front steps. As tired as I was, my mind registered almost immediately that this was what I had been waiting for. Squealing with delight I threw my jacket one way, my purse the other … and yes … I even threw my car keys down. While I regretted that action this morning when I couldn’t find my car keys, it was all worth it.

My CBBP package was from none other than the lovely Raspberry Sour of The Sour Patch, a blog I greatly admire for its wit, wisdom and focus. My package contained a supply of Tsar Nicholas tea and a container of the most wonderful Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies, which I assure you are all gone.

Raspberry Sour, I thank you from the bottom of my Cream Puff heart!

The first edition of CBBP has been a wonderful success. While I know there are some of you who haven’t yet received your packages, be patient. They’ll arrive. And if you’re lucky they’ll be delivered by my mailman! I’d like to thank Sam of Sweet Pleasure: Plaisir Sucré for hosting the first edition of CBBP. The second edition will be hosted by Tania of The Candied Quince. While a date has not been set for CBBP #2, I’m sure Tania will fill us all in when the time comes.

Until then, I’m off to enjoy a lovely cup of tea.


Update on CBBP #1:  My assigned blogger for CBBP #1 was the very talented Christine, a pastry chef in Vancouver, British Columbia. Christine’s blog is called Knife Skills. Visit her to see what goodies she received from me!

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