On the menu for Week 5:  crème caramel and bavarian cream.

Today’s class was great fun. It was a reminder of all the beautiful things that can happen when milk, cream, sugar and eggs are brought to the table.

Our class began with a demonstration of how to make caramel as the base for the crème caramel. Our instructor reminded us of a very important point when making caramel … always have a bowl of cold water with ice nearby. Its purpose is twofold:  it can help stop the caramel cooking process if you plunge the bottom of the pot into the water and, far more importantly, it’s instant relief in the event that caramel comes into contact with your skin.

After a detailed demonstration of the recipe by our instructor, we got to work. We made the caramel by melting sugar in stages, beginning with a few handfuls of sugar in a pot. We slowly added the remainder of the sugar and kept a careful eye on it to ensure that it didn’t burn. As soon as the caramel was ready we whisked it back to our stations and (carefully) poured it into the waiting foil ramekins in equal amounts. The rest of the crème caramel recipe was a matter of heating milk with a bit of sugar and then adding the  milk to the egg mixture. We tempered the eggs by adding just a few drops of the hot milk and then slowly adding the rest.

Once the crème caramel was ready for the oven, we placed the ramekins in a roasting pan and added hot water to cook the crème caramel in a water bath. Needless to say it was delicious!

The other half of the class was dedicated to making bavarian cream, which I’d never had before. I won’t go into too many details about the bavarian cream because I intend on posting about it at a later date. Suffice to say it was quite yummy.

All in all this was a most enjoyable class and I finally got the opportunity to make crème caramel. While the caramel part of the recipe does require some attention and care, overall it was a straightforward dessert to make. I’m sure it’s one that will be popping up for the dessert course at my house in the years to come.


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