Cruising the blog highway has its rewards, especially if you’re in the food lane.

A few weeks ago, quite by chance, I read about an event dreamed up and hosted by the industrious and brilliant Meeta of What’s for Lunch Honey? Basically, Meeta’s idea was to host a postcard event where you buy a postcard, take a picture of it, blog about it and then mail your postcard off to the blogger you’re matched up with. Of course you must keep that blogger’s identity secret (don’t want to ruin the surprise)!

I was most definitely game. I signed up and then mentioned the event on Cream Puffs in Venice. Every now and then I’d check back to see how Meeta was doing and was thrilled to see the list of participating bloggers grow each day. Way to reach out there and touch someone, people!

I took considerable time to buy my postcard. At first I didn’t want to buy the "typical" city postcard that featured a skyline or famous landmark. Initially I thought I’d buy a postcard with art work on it or perhaps a drawing. But I couldn’t seem to find anything I liked. I finally returned to a postcard of Toronto that features its most famous landmark:  the CN Tower. It’s part of my city’s identity!

This entire experience has had me thinking about how much richer my life is since I started this blog. And it’s not richer because I’m baking more or because I finally learned how to use that digital camera (right Uncle N!). It’s richer because of all of you. It’s richer because of all the wonderful people that I’ve met, including the person who will be receiving this postcard very soon.

A big Cream Puff thank you to Meeta for starting the postcard event.

And a big Cream Puff thank you to all of you for making every day that much more fun!


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