I am not a happy Cream Puff.

As the end of August approached, I began to scan The Overburdened Bookshelf for the next gem to pluck and feature as a Cream Puffs in Venice Flavour of the Month. I remembered that earlier this year, I’d made a promise to myself (more of a challenge, rather) to bake more bread. This made my choice very easy. Eagerly, I took Linda Haynes’ The Ace Bakery Cookbook from my shelf and began leafing through it, excited about my decision to finally start baking some bread.

And then it happened … the … ahem … minor stove mishap that ended with the realization that we needed a new stove. So off we went to the Cream Puff family’s official appliance supplier:  Tasco Distributors. We’ve bought every appliance that I can remember from this fine store without a whit of trouble. After much research, we decided on a lovely new stove that would be introduced to our family on September 9th.

September 9th.

That would mean a little over two weeks of no baking for Cream Puff.


September 9th. I’m a big girl. I can handle no baking for two weeks. So the first week goes by. It was tough, mind you, but I survived.

Until Friday September 1st that is. Or as I am now calling it, Black Friday.

I came home from work to discover that the people who run the Tasco warehouse had suddenly realized that the stove we purchased was not in stock. This of course means they must order it from somewhere else. Which in turn means that somewhere else must deliver the stove to the Tasco warehouse before it’s delivered to the House of Cream Puff.

So what does all this mean?

It means that our new stove will not be delivered until at least October 1st.

October 1st.

More than a month with no working oven. That means no baking. NO. BAKING.

Don’t worry. Those screams of anguish that you hear are not signaling the end of the world. It’s just me expressing my extreme horror.

How am I to make it through September without baking? No apple pies with my neighbour’s apples. No peanut butter cookies that I always like to bake at the start of school. No roast chicken flavoured with the last of the fresh thyme from our garden. No slow-roasted tomatoes with the slivers of garlic and toasty breadcrumbs. And certainly no bread from Linda Haynes’ The Ace Bakery Cookbook.

No baking in September.

I am not a happy Cream Puff.


For the last two days, as the truth of the situation sunk in, I found myself experiencing various emotions. Anger, disbelief, apathy, more anger and finally … resignation.


If there’s not going to be any baking in September, I guess I might as well make the best of it. 006059974x01_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_ Thankfully, I do have a book, newly in my possession, that will hopefully help me to get through. It’s called Simple Italian Sandwiches and is written by Jennifer and Jason Denton. While I won’t be able to bake bread, I will be able to buy lots of the world’s best bread from Toronto’s Ace Bakery, which I can then use to make delicious panini. And I suppose the fact that I’ll finally be putting that panini press that I received as a gift to good use is also a positive.

So here goes the September with no baking. Come back to see what interesting panini I concoct with the help of Cream Puffs in Venice’s Flavour of the Month for September 2006:  Simple Italian Sandwiches.

And if the good people at Tasco happen to  be reading this, I have only two things to say:  Boooooooo! Hissssssssss!