In the aftermath of the La Festa al Fresco, Lis and I sat at the huge table, cleared of food, and smiled. With our tummies filled to bursting and our hearts happy, we reminisced about the good time had by all.

That is until we realized we forgot someone.


With all the eating and the drinking and the dancing and the singing we forgot to thank our dearest Ximena of Lobstersquad for her dish. How could we forget our sweet friend Ximena?!

Lis and I are ever so sorry. We blame the excesses of the festa for clouding our minds.

And now, we present to you:

Bonito en Escabeche from Ximena of Lobstersquad.

Ximena_1As soon as Ximena’s blog burst onto the scene she became an instant favourite with her charming, quirky and imaginative drawings. The fact that she is a brilliant cook also helped. Ximena blogs from Madrid, Spain (are we ever jealous!) and can always be counted on for inspired cuisine and a very humorous outlook. For the festa, she brought Bonito en Escabeche. Doesn’t that sound wonderful … say it with me … Bonito en Escabeche! Bonito is a type of fish and en escabeche is the way that the fish has been preserved. There weren’t any leftovers so I can tell you that it was beyond fantastic. Ximena, thank you so much for coming to the festa. Lis and I will gladly fly to Spain and do your dishes for a week to make up for not including you in the original round up!

Grazie, Ximena!

Ginger Crunch n’ Cream Ice Cream from Bron of Bron Marshall.

Bron_1Last but not least, our sweet friend Bron flew in from New Zealand to close out the festivities with the most delicious offering of ice cream made with ginger cream. Some of you had already left the festa by the time Bron arrived and that’s unfortunate because you missed a most tantalizing ice cream based on the popular cookies n’ cream ice cream. Bron’s version was gingery and oh so good! Of course I expected nothing less of Bron whose blog is just one gorgeous creation after another.

Grazie, Bron!

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments about the festa. It was a joy to host it with Lis. We’ll do it again next year!


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