We’ve got a busy post ahead so I’ll just get right down to the business at hand:  some news, some recipes and a long overdue MEME response.

News, News, News!

Cbbp2logo_4Earlier this year, the first edition of Canadian Blogging by Post was launched with great success.

I’m happy to announce that CBBP #2 is proceeding thanks to the witty, charming and talented Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict and Sensual Gourmet (yes … she has two blogs!).

Jasmine stepped up to the plate and offered to host CBBP #2. She’s posted all the details here so if you’re a blogger and you live in Canada, take a moment to consider participating in CBBP #2.

The food blog world is fairly bursting at the seams with events and I Worldbreaddaylogo_3 for one am thrilled. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than a blog event.

The latest one to capture my attention is World Bread Day, which I first read about on Andrew’s blog SpittoonExtra. The event is organized by Zorra of Kochtopf. I’d never visited this blog before and I assure you that I will rectify that situation by visiting often. It’s gorgeous! The details of the event are here. As someone who is taking two bread courses this Fall, I think it is more than incumbent upon me to participate. I hope you do as well.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!

Many months ago, I took it upon myself to finally go through the mountain of printed recipes threatening to topple over and smother my family! And just as soon as I’d done that the mountain was quickly replaced by another mountain of recipes, except this time they were recipes I’d printed from all the blogs I visit. I decided it was high time to try some of them lest Mount Blog erupt and doom us all!

Here’s a list of recipes I’ve tried. There are no pictures, mostly because I was too anxious to eat the food rather than photograph it. Yes. I am a weak Cream Puff.

  • Hungry in Hogtown‘s Nutella Ice Cream:  It’s ice cream with nutella in it. You figure it out!
  • Cookbook 411‘s Apricot Mini Cakes:  If I had to pick one fruit that represented the summer recently past, it would be the apricot. We were blessed with a bounty of them, many of which found their way into these glorious little cakes which I reproduced with great success.
  • Milk & Honey‘s Chocolate Marble Cake and Spicy Honey Peanut Sauce:  Sweet Rorie is back to blogging and I couldn’t be happier. The Chocolate Marble Cake is a must-try and the Spicy Honey Peanut Sauce has become a family favourite.
  • Nosheteria‘s Roasted Garbanzo Beans:  When I was a child, we would snack on roasted garbanzo beans (chickpeas) all the time. At some point we stopped eating them so I was hit with a wave of nostalgia when I saw this recipe. Delicious and good for you … you just can’t go wrong.

A Long Overdue MEME Response

Speaking of Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict, I am in her debt as she tagged me for a MEME a veeeeeerrrrrrrry long time ago and I have yet to respond. It’s the "You Are What You Eat MEME" and it made it’s way ’round the blogosphere for quite some time. The objective is to name ten foods that you cannot live without. Having recently taken time to answer the question that Melissa put forth, I won’t bore you by repeating my list of five. But I will add another five to my original list in no particular order.

  • Chocolate:  No explanation required.
  • Milk:  It does the body good.
  • Doughnuts:  Dough that is fried and then dipped in sugar is very good for you.
  • Tomatoes:  I cannot imagine a life without tomatoes and all the various dishes they inspire.
  • Cheese/Yogurt:  Who knew bacteria could be so yummy!

And there you have it. Some news, some recipes and a MEME.