The sweet and imaginative Clivia of Clivia’s Cuisine has taken to offering her readers a new Swedish word along with each post. In exchange for visiting her lovely site, you can learn the meaning of a new word.

Now I’m not exactly sure when I developed my love of all things Swedish, but I must confess that I am fascinated with the country, its culture and its food. I have a wonderful friend who lives in Stockholm (Hello, I!) and dream of visiting her one day.

Pics_005_1Ah yes, to dream.

In Swedish, that’s till dröm.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than curled up on the couch, under the warmest blanket, with a plate of dreams by your side and a lovely cup of tea as well. And by plate of dreams I mean a plate of Drommar Cookies, one of my very favourite cookies in the world!

A cookie, a sip of tea, a nap and a dream … I think I’ll spend the rest of the day repeating this regimen.


Drommar Cookies

Recipe is from Elizabeth Wigg Maxwell and is posted on Epicurious.

Click here for the recipe.

Note:  These cookies are incredible! I discovered them one day when I was trying to figure out what to do with a huge stash of sweetened, flaked coconut. I searched the Epicurious database (such a wonderful resource!), and found these cookies.

They were a hit from the first time that I made them. They are buttery and full of coconut. The exterior of the cookie is crispy and the inside is chewy and so good! You will love them. I promise!

Now I must return to my dreams …

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