What better way to begin the weekend than with a virtual library of comforting dishes to keep you warm and happy?

My dear friend Orchidea and I can only thank you for your incredible and enthusiastic participation in the one-off event:  Dishes of Comfort. I want to extend a very special thanks to Orchidea whose beautiful blog was the inspiration for this event.

Your beautiful entries have proven that food is nourishment for the body, the mind and the soul!

Let the round up begin!

Viaggi e Sapori:  Caffè e Latte


I’m beginning the round up with my event partner Orchidea’s post about caffè e latte and how it was such a staple of childhood breakfasts. I too enjoyed caffè e latte for many years, and still do from time to time. As always Orchidea, thank you for the sweet post!

All Things Edible:  Old-fashioned Tapioca Pudding


Based in Ottawa, Quellia decided that it was time to go back to her roots and make a tapioca pudding. I’ve actually never had tapioca pudding so Quellia has definitely inspired me to try it. But I found her memories of her grandmother’s cooking and her mother’s cooking most inspiring of all!

Grazie, Quellia!

An Open Cupboard:  Kashe Varnishkes


Frahnkenshteen (is that a cool name or what?!) broadened all of our horizons with her contribution of a dish called Kashe Varnishkes. The dish originates in Eastern Europe and is composed of pasta, buckwheat and mushrooms. I especially love the description of sneaking leftovers of this intriguing and special dish!

Grazie, Frahnkenshteen!

Appetitive Behaviour:  Tuna Noodle Casserole


Emily comforted us all with one of the most recognizable comfort dishes out there:  tuna noodle casserole. As with tapioca pudding, I’ve never had a tuna noodle casserole so I thank Emily for showing me the ropes. Perhaps I can finally try this dish! In the meantime though, I’ll just enjoy reading Emily’s sweet post on the subject.

Grazie, Emily!

Asian and Pacific Sweets and Treats:  Thai Rad Nah (Fresh Rice Noodles with Pork Gravy)


One of the pleasures of hosting blog events is that you get to meet new bloggers! I was so happy to make Yvonne’s acquaintance, in particular since she shares my name! Yvonne very generously shared a reliable cure for difficult matters of the heart. I suspect this dish would cure a lot of other things as well!

Grazie, Yvonne!

Avenue Food:  Mixed Bean Soup & Cheddar, Apple and Bacon Panino


Well Sarah gets a special award for contributing not one but two comfort dishes! What I especially liked about Sarah’s contribution is that she reminds us how delicious, nutritious and comforting beans are. So we’d better all get in that kitchen and start cooking up some beans! And since bloggers cannot survive on mixed bean soup alone, there’s a delicious cheddar, apple and bacon panino to go with it.

Grazie, Sarah!

Boxcar Kitchen:  Fontina Macaroni and Cheese (*UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 19*)


Esther of the absolutely lovely blog Boxcar Kitchen sent me a reminder that I forgot to include her in the roundup! My apologies, Esther! She has very generously shared a recipe for macaroni and cheese with Fontina. Now if you’ve never tried Fontina you must make a point of doing so. It’s such a delicious cheese! Esther also shares a very sweet tribute to her mom’s cooking.

Grazie, Esther!

Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods:  Oat Porridge


Ah, the simple life! A quiet home in the woods. Nature all around you. And oat porridge to keep you warm. Britt-Arnhild reminds us, with her lovely post, that simple things really do matter and really can be satisfying.

Grazie, Britt-Arnhild!

Champaign Taste:  Pastina


When I saw that we’d received an entry about Pastina from Lisa, I couldn’t help but smile! Anyone who was raised in an Italian household will instantly identify with this heartwarming concoction of chicken broth and tiny pasta. Lisa’s family added garlic slivers for flavour! This definitely brings back some happy memories!

Grazie, Lisa!

Chez Loulou:  Grandma’s Meatballs


Isn’t it funny how Grandmothers always end up being the best cooks?! Loulou provides more proof of this with her post on her beloved Grandma’s meatballs. Simply made with pork, eggs, parmesan, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs, I can only imagine how satisfying and comforting these are.

Grazie, Loulou!

Coconut & Lime:  Chai


How I would love a cup of this chai tonight! Rachel shares her husband’s recipe for this lovely chai, which is sure to chase away the chills of autumn and provide lots of comfort. I’m relatively new to chai but thrilled that I have a recipe that I can now try at home.

Grazie, Rachel!

Coconut Cutney:  Zucchini Frittata


Don’t Monisha’s pictures make you want to run out and buy some zucchini?! I certainly longed for them when I saw her entry as I was suddenly overcome with the most overwhelming urge for zucchini frittata. As Monisha points out, while we may not always have time for these comfort dishes, the weekend is the perfect time to make them. Maybe I’ll try some frittata this weekend …

Grazie, Monisha!

Columbus Foodie:  NY Style Cheesecake


There isn’t a lot that excites this Cream Puff as much as a great cheesecake. Becke generously shared a post about her mother’s fabulous cheesecake. While it may be a simple cheesecake, it sounds like it’s been pleasing many people for many years. Understandably so!

Grazie, Becke!

Cook (Almost) Anything at Least Once:  Cavolfiore alla Besciamella (Cauliflower with Béchamel)


Only Haalo could make cauliflower look like the most irresistible vegetable on earth! Mind you I suppose you could drown anything in this luxurious béchamel and find it drool-worthy. Haalo very considerately took the time to weigh out the ingredients for the béchamel so that we can all reproduce it at home.

Grazie, Haalo!

Culinary Concoctions by Peabody:  Orange Pecan Rolls


Anyone who lives in a place with lots of snow must remember the childhood joy of snow days! Those precious days when Mother Nature would ensure you had a holiday. Free of school, you usually spent it outside submerged in snow. But now that Peabody has so generously shared her mom’s recipe for Orange Pecan Rolls, I’m thinking we’d all rather stay inside to eat these as soon as they’re out of the oven! Peabody’s photos will make you swoon!

Grazie, Peabody!

Dans la Cuisine de Sophie:  Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)


Dear and talented Sophie shares the joy of beautiful and rich chocolate mousse with all of us. She invites us in to her kitchen for a reminder that simple is beautiful. And all the lovely spoons in her photo are just begging to be dipped into this rich mousse.

Merci, Sophie!

Food Lover’s Journey:  Beef in Red Wine Sauce


All the way from Melbourne, Australia, Anh introduced her blog to both Orchidea and I and we’re thrilled. Anh’s post is about how this dish comforted her on cold days. Interestingly, she also talks about how this dish, as so many dishes do, has changed and grown over the years under the influence of different cultures. I’m glad she shared it with all of us.

Grazie, Anh!

Foodbeam-100% Sweet:  Millionaire’s Shortbread


It’s a stormy night. Your home alone. The car won’t start. Sound like a scary movie? Well it’s not. It’s what inspired Fanny to bake these bars otherwise known as Millionaire’s Shortbread. Reading Fanny’s post, I knew she’d survive the storm. After all, she’s 100% sweet just like her blog says!

Grazie, Fanny!

Gattina:  Iron Lady’s Rice Noodles


For a tribute to mothers everywhere, check out Gattina’s post about Iron Lady’s Rice Noodles. Comfort often comes in numbers and it must have been quite comforting to watch all these incredible prepare this dish. And how lovely that Gattina shared this memory with all of us!

Grazie, Gattina!

Gluten-free by the Bay:  Knishes


I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this post about knishes (which I’d never heard of) and ByTheBay’s uncle … the Knish King of the Hudson Valley! Now there’s a title! But this post is so sweet and a real tribute to an ethnic food that was clearly beloved by many.

Grazie, ByTheBay!

Habeas Brulee:  Stuffed Cabbage


I have fond memories of my own grandmother’s stuffed cabbage so I was thrilled to read Danielle’s account of her own grandmother’s expertise with dish. Like all grandmothers, she was ready to produce it at a moment’s notice and even ensured that Danielle could enjoy stuffed cabbage when she was abroad … now that’s love!

Grazie, Danielle!

In Search of Dessert:  Upside Down Chili Pie


Based in Switzerland, Jessica writes about how thrilling it is to receive packages from home especially when those packages include all the fixings for a good ol’ upside down chili pie! A dish that features Fritos at the bottom, this one sounds like a must-try if only for the pure delight of telling people that you ate it! Seriously though, it sounds like it’s very comforting and I’m so happy that Jessica introduced herself. Anyone who is searching for dessert is okay in my books!

Grazie, Jessica!

Jumbo Empanadas:  Macaroni and Cheese


I was waiting for a post on macaroni and cheese, mainly because I love it so much! Creamy pasta smothered in cheese … oh it’s so good! Brilynn traces her history with macaroni and cheese and how she came to love the homemade kind. The entire post is mouth-watering!

Grazie, Brilynn!

La Mia Cucina:  Mom’s Roast Chicken


Roast chicken could probably be the emblem for all comfort food. Lisa proves that this is true by sharing her mother’s recipe for old-fashioned roast chicken with all the trimmings. So easy, so versatile and so comforting, if you like poultry, this is a dish you should learn. And of course Lisa presents it all in her own unique way.

Grazie, Lisa!

Ms. Adventures in Italy:  Lasagna


Who could possibly resist a piece of lasagna, warm out of the oven, with rich noodles, bold sauce and maybe some béchamel oozing out? Not me! Sara reminds us that lasagna is the king and that no matter where you are in the world, it’s worth trying your hand at.

Grazie, Sara!

My Kitchen in Half Cups:  Navy Bean Soup


Tanna, so kind and encouraging, writes a lovely post about her mom and all the wonderful memories she has of her, especially when it comes to food. And when she misses her mother, she likes to make up this simple yet satisfying soup, which must have comforted the family on so many occasions. And she does it all in typical Tanna style!

Grazie, Tanna!

Nosh:  Tomato-Rubbed Bread


I’d never met Mia prior to this event and I’m so glad that I did. She has a lovely blog and she shares a very touching post about how this dish reminds of her mother. I hope this dish brings back only the happiest of memories!

Grazie, Mia!

One Whole Clove:  Boeuf Haché en Sauce


I was thrilled that Sarah Lou took part in this event since she was my partner for the recent Canadian Blogging by Post #2! Sarah Lou posts about a comforting beef dish her mom used to make for her when she was young … especially on those cold, dark and creepy November nights.

Grazie, Sarah Lou!

Only Turkish Food:  Yayla Corbasi (Yoghurt Rice Soup)


Ceviz, based in Melbourne, Australia, took the time to write about this fascinating soup that was an enormous comfort particularly on cold winter days. Made with rice, yoghurt and chicken stock, it’s an intriguing dish that must be creamy and soothing to the core. What an honour for Ceviz to share the recipe!

Grazie, Ceviz!

Ordinary, Average Girl:  Dutch Chicken Pot Pie


Based in Texas, Kelly should blog more about food in my opinion! Recipes like this Dutch Chicken Pot Pie should be shared with as many people as possible. This is Kelly’s first food blogging event and I hope she participates in more.

Grazie, Kelly!

Our Adventures in Japan:  Shrimp Pineapple


One of the very first bloggers that I met, Kat continues to be the best source I know for all things chocolate! She very kindly shared one of her mom’s special recipes with all of us. Kat is sweet and generous and I’m sure her mom must be so proud.

Grazie, Kat!

Qualcosa Blogga in Pentola:  La Genovese


Thanks to Orchidea, a number of Italian food bloggers participated in this event and I’m thrilled that we can all get to know more of them. LaCuocaRossa shared a mouth-watering recipe for a dish called "La Genovese" which is a meat dish that produces a very thick ragu that can be used on certain pastas or can be eaten on its own (with lots of bread I would imagine). The pictures alone are mouth-watering.

Grazie, LaCuocaRossa!

Rustic:  Rose Petal Jam


How lovely to see this post now that all plant life has practically disappeared here in Canada! The leaves are all gone and roses will not be seen for months and months to come. Betul of England shares this beautiful recipe for Rose Petal Jam to be enjoyed by all. Surprisingly easy, I hope to try this one soon.

Grazie, Betul!

Saffron and Pepper:  Memories of the Family Kitchen


Have you ever seen a more adorable child??? Saffron shares many sweet memories of her family’s kitchen and many of the incredible dishes they prepared.

Grazie, Saffron!

Something So Clever:  Baked Rice Pudding and Breakfast Rice


As I mentioned to Alicat in my comment on her post, I had to literally mop up the drool when I saw this entry. I love rice pudding and I love that now I have a new version to try. It is the most comforting dish and I’m so happy that Alicat generously shared an adaptation of her mother’s recipe with us! I was also intrigued by the breakfast rice which sounds like a great way to use up leftover rice.

Grazie, Alicat!

Tartelette:  Walnut Chocolate Cake


Helene is such a brilliant baker! And she sent all of us this lovely post about Walnut Chocolate Cake and how she "encouraged" her brother to ask for it for his birthday cake. Smart girl!

Grazie, Helene!

The Sour Dough:  Cinnamon and Sugar Toast


When the Breadchick sent us this entry, I was so happy because toast with butter and sugar was always such a special treat for me! It will cure what ails you as you Breadchick explains so well.

Grazie, Breadchick!

Tip of the Iceberg:  Oyster Stew


My sweet Sally writes a very funny and touching post about her mother’s oyster stew. I can just imagine Sally as a little girl eating this dish. Clearly, it brings her much comfort to this day.

Grazie, Sally!

Un Piozzo di Pane:  Sfinci della Nonna


This is my first time meeting Vally and I’m so glad she took part in this event. Based in Rome, Vally writes about her grandmother’s sfinci. Little fritters rolled in sugar, these bring back many happy memories for Vally. As I’ve said before, grandmothers rule!

Grazie, Vally!

Vannescipes:  Crock Pot Bean Soup


I may have to put a crock pot on my Christmas wish list. Between Vanessa’s delicious account of her favourite crock pot bean soup and the positive experiences many cooks have been sharing with me in terms of their own crock pot cooking, I’m thinking it would be a great investment. Vanessa made this for her mom so it’s extra special.

Grazie, Vanessa!

Veggie Friendly:  Cauliflower Cheese


Kate sent us this wonderful recipe all the way from Sydney, Australia! A family dish that would appear at special events, it sounds so luscious! Cheesy cauliflower … how can you go wrong?!

Grazie, Kate!

What Did You Eat?:  Meta Givens Tomato Bread


I’m so happy that Sher took part in this event. Her blog is beautiful and a joy to read and she is an incredible cook and baker. Her tomato bread had my mouth watering! The recipe is from a cherished family cookbook and I’d say we’re all lucky that Sher has passed it on.

Grazie, Sher!

What’s For Lunch Honey?:  Chinese Vegetable Noodles


Meeta is such a joy! Her blog is like home. Beautifully photographed, it’s impossible not to get hungry. Meeta’s post is a thoughtful piece about the street food that she’s had the pleasure of sampling in various places. I’m so hungry!

Grazie, Meeta!

Weekly Dish:  Angel Hair with Buttery Tomato Sauce


My long-lost blog sister Jennifer shared her recipe for a comforting buttery tomato sauce that features roasted tomatoes. How could I possibly live a carb-free existence with such beautiful dishes???

Grazie, Jennifer!

Yum Yum Mum Mum:  Venn Pongal


I just love learning about new dishes! This particular one was comforting on bad-weather days. As @ explains, the dish consists of white rice cooked in clay pots until the rice boils over. Garnished with cashews, among other things, it sounds so enticing.

Grazie, @!

That’s it for the round up! Thanks again for taking part and may your weekend be filled with dreams of all these comforting dishes!


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