My lovely friend Meeta is hosting the second Blogger Postcards Around the World event (BPW #2). Meeta is the creative mind behind What’s For Lunch Honey?, a beautifully photographed blog that demonstrates her passion for food and her ability in the kitchen.

Over 60 bloggers participated in BPW #1, and what fun it was! To think that a little piece of paper with a note scribbled on it could make its way anywhere in the world and result in a new friend – there’s the power of communication for you.

For BPW #2, Meeta has chosen the theme of Happy Valentine’s Day. While I realize that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily everyone’s favourite day of the year, I have always regarded it as a chance to celebrate all love, not just romantic love. I don’t have a Valentine myself this year. But that’s okay.

I’m sending this little card through the air and over the sea to someone I’ve never met before. And while we won’t be falling in love in the romantic sense, here’s hoping we’ll become great friends!


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