I am beginning to think that there should be an international holiday in the month of February dedicated to chocolate. If you support World Chocolate Day in February, raise your hand.

I’d raise mine, unfortunately both of them are currently filled with chocolate as that’s all I seem to be doing lately … stuffing my mouth with chocolate!

You can imagine then how happy I was that the little baking group that Lisa and I started in November chose to make a flourless chocolate cake for February’s baking challenge.

CollageThis time around, Lisa, Brilynn, Peabody, Helen, Veronica, Jenny and I have been joined by Mary, Tanna and Hester. Peabody’s suggestion to bake flourless chocolate cake was chosen as the winning challenge for the month. For a recipe, we turned to Tish Boyle’s amazing The Cake Book, which has an entire section devoted to flourless chocolate cakes. We chose one called Chocolate Intensity.

There was a time when I was intimidated when it came to these types of cake. The lack of flour worried me. How could something without flour be stable enough to work with? I’ve made a few of these cakes in recent years and have learned that there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, I think that a great flourless chocolate cake recipe is a must in every home cook’s repertoire.

This particular recipe is a dream. It’s made of chocolate, butter, coffee, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and a bit of salt. You melt the butter with the coffee and the sugar and then pour the hot mixture over the chocolate. After a few minutes you’re left with a thick chocolate mixture, to which you add well-beaten eggs. A touch of vanilla and salt and you’re cake is ready for the oven.

Covered in a gorgeous chocolate glaze, this cake is most definitely intense. It’s a jolt of chocolate satisfaction. I used espresso in the cake and somehow I think it served to add a little bit more oomph. The texture was soft, bordering on creamy. And it looked gorgeous. It was almost a shame to cut into it.



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