Well, it’s finally here! The party that Lis and I like to call the biggest patio party in the world has finally arrived.

Bloggers from all over the world are streaming in bringing with them all sorts of captivating offerings. For those of you arriving a bit late, not to worry, there’s still plenty of room on the table.

Besides my mother’s peperonata, I’m bringing one of my very favourite dishes: Linguine with Cherry Tomato Sauce. It’s a dish of my own invention, not that there was really that much to invent as this couldn’t be an easier dish to make.


Take some ripe cherry tomatoes and slice them in half. Toss them in a pan with lots of olive oil and Maldon salt. Add a clove of garlic, some hot pepper and pletny of fresh basil. Cook for about 20 minutes until you have a creamy sauce. Toss with your favourite pasta.


Okay! It’s time to eat. Dai! Tutti a tavola!


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