There was once a group called The Daring Bakers,
Who for a challenge were always takers.
Each month they baked something new,
And as a result were never blue.

Marce of Pip in the City is September’s host,
I’d certainly say she has the most.
Cinnamon and sticky buns she chose,
Because those are the best everyone knows!

As usual the Cream Puff was late,
No not because she had a hot date.
September was oh-so-busy,
And a wedding last night threw her into a tizzy.

For the Cream Puff woke on the morning of the post day,
With her head feeling as thick as hay. (okay I never said I was a good poet)
The wedding last night was a bit rowdy,
All Cream Puff remembers is saying howdy.


So the Cream Puff set about preparing the dough,
Happy because for once on a Sunday she had nowhere to go.
The happy little ball of dough rose and rose and rose,
And became a big ball of dough that made Cream Puff happy to her toes. (see brackets above)


The Cream puff divided her dough into two,
So she could give both cinnamon and sticky buns their due.
She started with the cinnamon and made them small,
They were so pretty that you could smell them in the hall.


For the sticky buns she decided that walnuts and dried cherries she’d use,
And she even soaked her cherries in Kirsch because Cream Puff likes booze.
She rolled those as best she could,
They looked so good that they would melt wood. (once again, see brackets above)


But before Cream Puff could put her sticky buns to bed,
She made a caramel glaze that went straight to her head.
The glaze was to line the baking pan,
Let’s just say that Cream Puff became a big fan.


Patience is a virtue so they say,
Cream Puff let her buns rise again while keeping hunger at bay.
As the recipe directed they rose very nice,
They certainly looked better than a bowl of plain rice. (once again, see brackets above)


Into a hot oven the buns went,
And the smell of the baking was like they were from Heaven sent.
The entire house smelled so cinnamony and pretty,
Cream Puff wished she could have a taste – just a little bitty!


But Cream Puff remained as patient as could be,
She knew she’d get her reward – you see!
The cinnamon buns came out first,
They looked so good they’d even quench your thirst. (brackets. above.)


Quickly they were covered in glaze,
Cream Puff would go anywhere to eat these, even a maze.
She shared some with everyone and they all agreed,
Those cinnamon buns were some darn good feed!


And as for the sticky buns they soon came out of the oven too,
They smelled so good that they’d make any cow go “moo”. (brackets. above.)
After 20 minutes, Cream Puff flipped them out of the pan,
These were so pretty that these buns you could never ban!

Marce, I thank you for such a great recipe,
It was so good you should charge a fee.
Cinnamon and sticky buns are in my future now that I can make them,
This recipe is like a precious jem!

So the Cream Puff is happy with her buns all done,
They were so delicious they’d even impress a nun.
And so the Cream Puff is to bed now heading,
To sleep off the effects of a Big Fat Italian Wedding!


For the recipe for these delicoius cinnamon and sticky buns, please visit Marce’s blog.

To see what all the other Daring Bakers have created, please visit The Daring Baker Blogroll (what … were you expecting it to rhyme???).

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