While I don’t have a Magazine Mondays entry this week, I’ve been a bit too busy to hit the magazine pile recently, I did think it a good idea to keep the general housekeeping theme for Mondays with this catch-all post. I’ve got some news and a tart that will make your mouth water!

First off, the news.

Zorra of Kochtopf is hosting the November 2007 edition of DMBLGIT and she has very kindly asked me to be a judge. I still shake my head and laugh whenever people ask me anything to do with photography as I don’t consider myself a photographer in any sense of the word. However, I am greatly honoured by Zorra’s request.

So if you have a photo from October 2007 that you think might earn you some accolades, please do submit it. All the details can be found here. Good luck!


The second bit of news that I have to share has a bit of apology mixed in. Lydia of The Perfect Pantry has been championing a wonderful cause and event and invited bloggers to participate with her. Five years ago, Lydia created the idea for Drop In & Decorate Cookies for Donation. After hosting a cookie decorating party, the cookies are donated to a charity. A simple act of generosity on Lydia’s part transformed the holiday season for some people who needed it. Lydia has continued the tradition and this year has partnered with King Arthur Flour. Lydia asked bloggers to post about this event between November 4th and 10th. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my post up. But I wanted to spread the word anyway and to let everyone know what a worthy cause this is. Lydia, count me in for next year!


And finally we get to the tart! I was cleaning out my photos folder and realized that I’d never shared this gorgeous Bacon and Onion Tart with you. The recipe is from the Stonewall Kitchen Harvest book which is an absolute gem. A buttery crust holds a creamy onion and bacon filling flavoured with thyme. Yummy! While I took the photographs of this tart, I must give credit to Mama Cream Puff who actually made it.

But I got to eat it and in the end, that’s the best part! Have a wonderful week everyone!


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