I’m always happy … no wait … make that THRILLED whenever I find someone who is as addicted to cookbooks as I am!

You can imagine how pleased … no wait … make that THRILLED I was Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction introduced herself to me. Not only is she a fellow Italian Canadian, as her blog name would suggest, she is as much in need of a 12-step program for the rehabilitation of a cookbook problem as I am!

During the summer, Liliana and I were e-mailing each other back and forth when the subject of a certain cookbook came up. The cookbook in questions was a new one, scheduled to be out in the fall, by Gina DePalma of Babbo fame.

I first learned about Gina DePalma several years ago when I found a recipe for Cannoli in Food & Wine magazine. The recipe, by DePalma, was the first I’d ever seen from here and I was fascinated to read about her success.

Naturally, Liliana and I circled the publication date on our calendars. As it turns out, it took a bit longer for the book to hit Canadian bookstores so I only recently received my copy of Dolce Italiano, one of the finest examples of cookbooks dedicated to Italian sweets.

If you’re a baker, a dessert lover, or if you have a pulse, you need to go and get this book!

In our excitement, Liliana and I decided that we’d pick a recipe from the book and post about it today. We settled on the recipe for Grappa-Soaked Mini Sponge Cakes because what Italian doesn’t love grappa.


The recipe was very straightforward and as the recipe notes explain, this is a variation on one of the most classic elements of Italian dessert, pan di spagna.


The grappa syrup was delicious, although the grappa flavour isn’t very strong as most of the alcohol does burn off while the syrup is cooking. The little cakes are just so pretty and everyone enjoyed them with a bit of whipped cream.

I won’t share the recipe because I didn’t adapt it any way. But I strongly encourage you to check this book out if you can. You won’t regret it.

Liliana, thanks for being my partner in this latest cookbook escapade!


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