When I was little, our meals did not often stray from Italian cuisine. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just that at times, my brother and I would wonder what certain foods tasted like. Shepherd’s Pie, for example, fascinated me. And I can still remember watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie and feeling a sharp stab of desire for the family’s chicken dumpling dinner.

Coming home for lunch on schooldays, my mother would sometimes surprise us with something different. Of all the surprises, my favourite was baked beans.

Except I call them Bakedy Beans. I’m not sure when or why I affectionately coined the term Bakedy in reference to these Beans, but sinch childhood, they have been in my top five list of comfort dishes.

Bakedy Beans for Cream Puff. Except today, I’ve made Bakedy Beans for Peabody.

Here are the 10 reasons why I have made Bakedy Beans for Peabody:

1. Her name is Peabody. Isn’t that cute?!

2. She is a hockey fan and I am a hockey fan.

3. When I complain about the Toronto Maple Leafs, she undersands.

4. Peabody is a brilliant baker whose creations frequently (okay, always) make my mouth water.

5. I love her blog.

6. She takes pretty pictures.

7. She’s a Daring Baker.

8. She sent me a special gift recently (can’t reveal the details now).

9. Peabody makes me laugh.

10. She and her husband recently moved into their first home and so she decided to host a Blog Housewarming Party. I think Bakedy Beans are perfect for housewarming parties.

I’m on my way, Peabody. Save me a seat on the couch and make some space on the buffet table for the Bakedy Beans!


Note: While I love to make Bakedy Beans by soaking the beans overnight and then slow-cooking them in a low oven for hours, sometimes I need a quick fix. And this is the perfecti quick fix: Triple-Bean Bake from Epicurious. I’ve been making this one for years. It’s fast and you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy your Bakedy Beans!