While I will very likely be making this showstopper as the grande finale of holiday desserts, it certainly doesn’t hurt to give other desserts the opportunity to show their sweet stuff.

I like to call this the Cream Puff version of holiday dress rehearsals.

For this edition of Magazine Mondays, I decided to try a recipe from the popular Canadian chef and television personality, Ricardo Larrivรƒยฉe. For those of you that don’t know, Ricardo has a show on the Canadian Food Network along with a magazine that I subscribe to.

In general, I like the food that he prepares and appreciate his focus on entertaining. While I didn’t see the episode where he made this particular dessert, it is featured in the very first issue of his magazine.


It’s called a Crunchy Chocolate-Chestnut Cake and it’s impressive! The only drawback is that the recipe is a tad on the expensive side to make. Between the chocolate, the chestnut cream and the decorative cookies, it cost a pretty penny. However, the ooohs and aaahs of those who tasted it made the expense worth it. Another Monday, another magazine down!

Have a great week everyone!


You can find the recipe for this cake here.

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