I hope Santa likes butter and cinnamon. Because that’s what he’s getting this Christmas Eve.

Not wanting to miss an edition of Magazine Mondays, I decided to prepare these Cinnamon Spritz Cookies for Mr. Claus. The recipe comes from the December 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Now I have a tendency to be a bit hard on Martha. I sometimes find that her recipes don’t fulfill their promise. But in this case, I must give Ms. Stewart credit. These cookies were delicious. They’re crisp and buttery and enrobed in cinnamon sugar.

If Santa doesn’t leave me George Clooney as a gift after tasting these, then he’s no longer a cookie lover in my books.

I wish I could stay longer and write more but I must be off. The house is a disaster, there’s cookie dough everywhere, gifts must be wrapped, food must be prepared, chocolate must be eaten, alcohol must be consumed, friends must be hugged … and I must prepare for George Clooney’s arrival.

Have a great holiday week!


Note: For some reason I can’t find the link to this recipe on Martha’s site. I’ll do some more digging over the holidays and hopefully post the recipe soon.

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