Yesterday, I wrote about the start of my annual attempt to tidy up and organize myself for the coming year.

I’ve continued that project today by going through the hundreds of food photos stored on my computer. I have a tendency to download photos and then just forget about them. Many of the photos aren’t very good so I finally went through them all and deleted those that weren’t of use to me. The rest I moved to CDs for storage. I’ve deleted them from my computer and now feel that I’m a bit more organized in that regard.

While going through my photos, I had the opportunity to look back on some memorable posts over the course of 2007.

Making croissants from scratch was pretty cool. I finally got to declare my desire to be Southern and I also declared my love of lemon.

The spring and summer brought with them some work opportunities, Dorie, a new appreciation for tea, a confession of love, blueberries, cupcakes and cheesecake.

September was poetic, October was orange and November was tempting.

December has been so sweet!


But of all the posts that I loved this year, my favourite was the one about the Queen of sweet crepe cakes. For me, it was a real accomplishment.

So my crepe cake is my contribution to the event being hosted by Zorra of Kochtopf and Sandra of Un Tocco di Zenzero. Zorra and Sandra had the idea to ask foodbloggers everywhere to submit their favourite recipe or post of 2007.

What a beautiful way to say farewell to all the indredible food we witnessed this year!