Well, February certainly isn’t shy.

She has announced herself with much snow and bluster around these parts, anyway. But I don’t mind. The weather has given all of us the perfect reason to hunker down and indulge in hot chocolate and cookbooks.

As I perused The Overburdened Bookshelf for a book to feature as the Flavour of the Month, my eye kept coming back to a recent addition to the bookshelf, Maxine Clark’s Chocolate: Deliciously Indulgent Recipes for Chocolate Lovers.

I bought this book because when I opened it, the very first picture I saw made my mouth water. I immediately snapped it shut and marched to the checkout counter.

Picky shopper, I am not.

Anyway, the experience has given me an idea about the month of February. What if, for the entire month, all my posts were chocolate-related? Can it be done?

Let’s just see, shall we …