I’m so happy to see that you’re with me during my month of chocolate. For those of you that haven’t read my last post, I am attempting to post food made with chocolate for the entire month of February!

Today’s post, accomplishes a number of things. First of all, the little cookies you see above are in fact chocolate chip cookies so there’s my chocolate commitment fulfilled. Secondly, this is a Magazine Mondays post as the recipe for those chocolate chip cookies is one that I’d bookmarked awhile ago and finally got around to trying. And finally, I get to tell you about my little eggy friends.

It’s been awhile, but some of you may remember the Traveling Egg Meme. These sweet little creatures were created by Hannah of Bittersweet who gifted them to my sweetie Helene of Tartelette. Helene then decided that rather than keep them to herself, she’d share them with the world via a meme.

These little sweethearts travelled far and wide and made their way to my home last fall thanks to Peabody. Now the idea is to spend some quality time with the eggs and then send them back out into the world, to find a new home and to grace another family with their presence.

Just one problem. I didn’t want to give them up!

During our time together, I grew so attached.

We spent Christmas together.


We played in the snow together.


We read cookbooks together.


We watched hockey together.


We even baked together.


And through it all, I secretly hoped that Hannah and Helene and everyone else would forget the eggs and forget that they were with me. I know. That’s so selfish. But this way my little friends would stay with me always and we would be so happy.

But after a few gentle reminders, I had to face the unhappy truth. It was time to send my little eggs back out into the world.


We spent our final hours together baking these chocolate chip cookies from the May 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

To the person who will soon be receiving my little eggy friends, enjoy them as much as I did!