There was a time in my life when I devoured books (no pun intended). But the long haul of university essays followed by a career where I spend a good part of my day reading and writing resulted in a long break in my pursuit of leisurely reading. Recently, though, I’ve felt the inner call again. That voice that whispers, “Pick up that book. Go look for that old novel you always meant to read. Go spend some time in the library.”

It reminds me of the days when if you wanted to find me, you just had to look for the nearest book. I would read them the way I breathed the air. I couldn’t get enough of them.

This past December, I rediscovered a bit of that reading magic when I read a book that had been sitting, abandoned, on my bookshelf for quite some time. I began reading Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian, and fell instantly in love.

Kostova’s novel is about a young girl who, through a series of letters and discussions with her father, uncovers an incredible link to Dracula.

Yep. Christmas reading at its finest! While it may seem highly incongruous that one would read such a book during the holiday season, I tell you I couldn’t put it down.

While the heart of the story is enthralling and suspenseful, the novel also focusses on the magic of history and storytelling.

At around the same time that I was reading the book, I was flipping through Maxine Clark’s Chocolate: Deliciously Indulgent Recipes for Chocolate Lovers which as you know is my Flavour of the Month. And wouldn’t you know, I came across a recipe for Dracula’s Delight. It’s an incredible concoction consisting of a layer of cranberry compote topped by a rich and dark chocolate mousse.

It was every bit as sinful and luxurious as it looks.

I must say. Between the novel and the recipe, Dracula seems most sweet. Darkly so, but sweet nevertheless.


Note: I didn’t make any adaptations to the recipe so I’m not going to share it with you. But you can easily try it at home by making a cranberry compote or cranberry sauce and topping it with your favourite recipe for chocolate mousse.