I love crullers.

I have been known to eat … ummm … quite a few in a row without stopping or even taking a breath. I love their glazed exterior and sweetly soft interior. I love the way they melt in your mouth and slide down your throat in a rush of fried dough bliss.

When Peabody and Helene announced their doughnut event, I briefly entertained ideas of creating a new doughnut but my heart kept coming back to a recipe I’d seen in Marcy Goldman’s A Passion For Baking. For those of you that haven’t heard of Marcy, she’s the baker behind Her most recent cookbook is now gracing my bookshelf and from the moment I set eyes on her recipe for French Cruller Doughnuts, I knew I had to try them.


And here’s the the really shocking thing about this: these doughnuts are baked, not fried! Now I am never one to shy away from calories, but based on what everyone who tried these told me, you’d never guess that they weren’t fried.


And because I promised a month of chocolate, I decorated some of my crullers with melted dark chocolate for an added touch.

I’d like to thank two of my favourite bakers, Peabody and Helene, for hosting this great event! Here’s hoping it becomes a regular one!


If you’re interested in making crullers, check out Steph’s blog a whisk and a spoon for her entry to this event.