I just can’t help myself!

The weather has been so gorgeous lately as spring finally begins to show itself, little by little.

Perhaps it’s the long winter that we had or the fact that for a good two months I had almost no time to think about anything outside of work, but I’m just so happy that it’s spring.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that the Daring Bakers were mentioned by Nick Malgieri in an article in the Washington Post … let’s hear it for the Daring Bakers and all the other incredible bloggers mentioned in that article!

So to celebrate sunny days and good news, I thought I’d share the lovely lemon tarts that I made for Easter dessert (can you believe Easter happened already?!).

For the Daring Bakers out there who had some difficulties with the Perfect Party Cake and for those of you that read about those difficulties, here’s one to restore your faith in the great Dorie! Not that our faith was ever weak, mind you.


This tart recipe comes from Dorie’s Baking: From My Home to Yours. It’s a lemon cream tart that is made in a very unique way. Usually when making lemon curd, you cook it until it thickens and then add butter off the heat. Once cooled, the curd is ready to use.

This particular filling is made by putting the lemon base in a blender or food processor and adding the butter with the motor running. What you end up with is almost like a lemon butter rather than a lemon curd.

However you want to describe it, it’s beyond delicious. To read about the tart straight from Dorie, you can check out her post (and recipe) on Serious Eats.

So open those windows, let some sunshine in and enjoy the rest of the week!