Ladies and gentleman, today I have decided to coin a new term.

That term is Bakeanista.

What is a Bakeanista? Well, a Bakeanista is a member of the femal species that would happily forego shopping for shoes, getting her hair done or going for a spa treatment to stay at home watching yeast bloom and covering the kitchen in flour.

You dream of souping up your Kitchen Aid mixer?


You get into arguments with people over the quality of flour?


You bake and do laundry at the same time?


And not only am I going to be so bold as to coin the new term, I’m going tell you who the original Bakeanistas are: Mary of The Sour Dough, Lis of La Mia Cucina, Helene of Tartelette, Kelly of Sass and Veracity, Laura of Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen, Sara of i like to cook and Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness.

So how did the Bakeanistas band together? Well as with all good stories there are many versions and theories and events but let’s just say that in its most current rendition, the Bakeanistas were born when Mary saw this postthis post and decided that the Bakeanistas needed to act.

So she sent out the Bakeanista symbol (no those were not lights from an alien spaceship that you saw in the night sky), organized everyone, provided a recipe and arranged a live baking session via Skype.

If you’ve made any type of bread before or worked with yeast at all, then this recipe couldn’t be simpler. If you haven’t baked bread or are terrified of yeast, this is a great recipe to try.


Really. It’s easy. And the end result is a bubbly mass of cheesy rolls that my family devoured for lunch with a green salad and some freshly sliced prosciutto.

What I lov … oh wait … sorry, folks. I see the Bakeanista symbol flashing again. Somewhere there’s something that needs to be baked!


Here are the Bakeanistas that participated: Helen, Ivonne, Kelly, Laura Rebecca, Lisa, Mary, Sara, and Stephanie

Here’s the recipe we used: Gruyère-Stuffed Crusty Rolls.

Note: I used marbled cheddar in my loaves.