There are numerous advantages to being a Daring Baker.

You get to meet new people and visit new blogs. Once a month you get to try a recipe you might not normally try.

But the one advantage to being a Daring Baker that most people might not be aware of is that being a Daring Baker results in a monthly occurrence whereby incredibly delicious aromas emanate from the vicinity of your kitchen.

Unfortunately, we don’t do dishes, but beyond that The Daring Bakers pretty much rock.

And that certainly goes for Kelly and Ben who are the hosts for this month’s edition of The Daring Baker’s challenge. Kelly and Ben decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenge everyone to make danish dough with an apple and cardamom filling.

I must tell you, my kitchen has rarely smelled as lovely as the day that I made this pastry. Even though I don’t necessarily crave apples in June, the aroma of the cardamom-laced apples was incredible!

Unlike some past challenges, I didn’t photograph the process because I’ve made danish pastry before. I simply enjoyed the recipe for what it was and for what it yielded: a soft, sweet and buttery bread that and a spicy apple interior.


In baking, simple and beautiful need no lengthy explanation.

Instead, I send you to Kelly’s site and Ben’s site for the recipe and to our blogroll to see what all the other Daring Bakers created.