A little over a week ago, I happened to be perusing the NY Times Dining & Wine section when I came across an article by David Leite on the ubiquitous chocolate chip cookie.

For me, the more chocolate chip cookie recipes I try, the more I want to try. Somehow, the chocolate chip cookie has become the baked good for which there is no “best”. Each time I try a new recipe, I somehow seem to like it better than the last one. And yet I hestitate to call it the best because I know, without doubt, that somewhere there is another recipe waiting to be tried.

Leite’s article includes the opinions of a number of chocolate chop cookie experts including the likes of Jacques Torres and Dorie Greenspan. What I found interesting about the recipe was the idea that after making the batter, you let it rest in the refrigerator.

Disclaimer: Science hurts the Cream Puff’s brain.

Having gotten past the disclaimer, apparently allowing the dough to rest for a long period in the refrigerator lets something happen magically on the molecular level so that the liquid in the cookies manages to hydrate the dry ingredients. So you get a tastier cookie. Or something like that.

So now that you know that I will NEVER be teaching a Science 101 course anywhere, what you really do need to know is that these are fabulous cookies.

I’m heading out on vacation in August and I’m desperate to clean out the pantry so my one edit to the recipe is that I used semisweet chocolate chips in place of the bittersweet chocolate disks.

So a few days later, imagine my surprise (well, not really) when I saw that the cookies had taken on a life of their own in foodblogworld. Everyone from Dorie to King Arthur was blogging about these cookies. They really are the best chocolate cookies … so far.

That is to say, one never knows what other chocolate chip cookie recipe awaits one just around the corner.

Have a wonderful week!


Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe from the NY Times.

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