This past weekend, I had the pleasure of making a Cassata alla Siciliana in the company of some truly wonderful and insane people: Lis, Helene, Ben, John, Marce, Chris, Stephanie, Kelly and Mary (our Tanna, our Sara and our Laura couldn’t be with us). We were also joined by a very sane and nice Halley who incredibly was not frightened off by us!


On Monday, I brought the cassata to work and repeated over and over to my coworkers that the cassata sponge was bathed in rum syrup.

Bathed in rum syrup.

Bathed in rum syrup.

Rum syrup-bathed.

Bathed in rum syrup.

Towards the end of the day I noted that some of my coworkers were beginning to look at me a tad strangely so that’s when I decided that perhaps I should stop saying “bathed in rum syrup” with such gusto.


I mean just because I’d like to be bathed in rum syrup, it doesn’t mean everybody else does!


Note: The recipe for the Cassata alla Siciliana is from Gina DePalma’s first-rate book Dolce Italiano. Lis published her version of the recipe so you can check it out. And many thanks to Lis for such a wonderful choice!