Happy August, my friends!

This is a short post to let you know that I’m heading to Italy to visit my family for three weeks! I will be gone for almost all of August.

While I am Canadian in every sense, I cannot deny the bond I feel with the country where my parents were born. As beautiful as Canada is, there is something deeply satisfying and comforting going back to Italy and knowing that it’s the place where my history lies.

I will miss you! Take care and be sure to enjoy as much cooking and baking as you can while I’m away. I expect to have tonnes of posts to catch up on.

For the Flavour of the Month, I leave you with the same cookbook that I chose last month just because I loved it so much.

And to whet your sweet tooth, I leave you with this glorious Rose and Orange-Scented Honey-Nut Tart.

Un grande bacio! A big kiss!