It’s been over a month since my last Magazine Mondays post. Hard to believe but true.

While my magazine pile hasn’t exactly dwindled all that much, I must say that Magazine Mondays has helped me to put some old magazines to good use. So I guess I don’t feel so bad about my food magazine habit.

Especially since I returned from Italy with a whole lotta food magazines!!!

For this edition, I chose a recipe from a specialty magazine I bought in 2006 called Lidia: Italy at Home. It’s a magazine that features the great Lidia Bastianich sharing Italian food tips, recipes and knowledge. There are a number of recipes that I bookmarked but the one that I chose to try was a recipe for Fruit Jam Tartlet Cookies.

The reason I chose this recipe is that it brought to mind the crostata made by my aunts in Italy. A crostata is an Italian sweet that can take many forms. It’s best described as a tart with some sort of fruit filling in the form of jam or fresh fruit. But crostatas can also be filled with chocolate, pastry cream and any number of other fillings.

My father’s family makes a very rustic type of crostata filled with homemade prune jam. My grandmother used to make the dough with oil but nowadays the dough is made with butter.

When I went to Italy in 2003, I was there for a very short time so the opportunity was never there for my aunts to make a traditional crostata with me. This time around, I spent so much time hopping from one family member’s home to another, that I once again missed the chance to watch my oldest aunt, Zia Filomena, make a crostata. She is the family’s undisputed master crostata-maker. So she’s promised me that next time, we will make that crostata together.

I plan on holding her to that promise!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Fruit Jam Tartlet Cookies
From the 2006 issue of Lidia: Italy at Home.

Note: These cookies are actually a crostata that is then cut into small squares to form cookies. You could just as easily serve the crostata whole. The recipe is published here (scroll down a bit on the page.)