Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as Martha’s, but they’ll do.

I was asked to put together a cookie tray for a family function by my aunt and she specifically asked for madeleines. I have a favourite madeleine recipe from this book but for the cookie tray, I thought I’d finally try a recipe for Rose-Water Madeleines from an issue of Martha’s Weddings magazine.


After baking the madeleines, you apply a rose-water syrup to the edges and then sprinkle on coloured sanding sugar, which is a type of sugar used in cake and cookie decorating. As far as I know there’s only one cake decorating store in the Greater Toronto Area that sells sanding sugar (Hello, Golda’s Kitchen! … if anyone knows of any other stores in Toronto that sell the stuff please do let me know) and I didn’t have time to drive out there so I used regular granulated sugar that I tinted pink.

The madeleines were moist and not-too-sweet and the pretty edges was a nice touch, although I’d like to try them again with proper sanding sugar.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy some with a cup of tea … have a great week, everyone!


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