As some of you may know, the word for aunt in Italian is “zia“.

In late October, my wonderful Zia C turned 50 and believe me she makes 50 look smashing!

She honoured me by asking that I bake her birthday cake. When I asked her what flavour of cake she wanted, she said something lemony.

Now when I was a little girl, I was a bit in awe of Zia C because she was so grown up … I wanted to be just like her. I also wanted to know what she was up to, so much so that I would stand at the foot of the stairs and call out to her, asking her what she was up to. But instead of calling her Zia C, my childish interpretation of her name was … Zia Don.

Don’t ask.


Anyway, for my Zia Don I made a cake from the incredible Lori Longbotham. My Magazine Mondays entry is this most delicious recipe for Triple-Lemon Layer Cake published in Issue #63 of Fine Cooking magazine.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Here’s who joined me for Magazine Mondays:

Debbie of Taste of Sweetness made Beer Chili … yum!

Wandering Coyote of Retorte made chocolate cookies with M&Ms!!!