Thankfully, I’m back to blogging. While I don’t mind taking planned breaks from my little bloggy, forced breaks never go over very well. My PC decided to be very naughty last week and caused me some grief. Happily, that is over.


My PC decided to misbehave right after announcing the new Magazine Mondays logo. And wouldn’t you know it I got more MM submissions than ever but couldn’t post them last week so I’m posting them today. And before I get to my submission for this week’s MM, I thought I’d share all the submissions that I’ve received over the past 2 weeks:

MM’s biggest fan, Wandering Coyote of ReTorte gives us Fish in Tomato Sauce and Mexican Chocolate Pudding. Thanks, Wandering Coyote!

Di of Di’s Kitchen Notebook brings us a Blood Orange and Mango Sorbet that makes me want to run out and buy a crate of blood oranges and mangoes! Thanks, Di!

And from the department of best recipe names we have Fusilli alla Crazy Bastard (I love that …) from Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies. Thanks, Natashya!

And last but not least my sweet Jenny made Mustard-Garlic Flank Stank for her very first MM post! Thanks, Jenny!

Thanks to everyone who participated! And remember, if you post a recipe from a magazine, just let me know about it and I’ll link to it in my next MM post.

As for me, I come to you today with a failed recipe. Failed, not so much because of the recipe, but more because I was a hurried mess when I was making it and messed it up royally. I’d say 95% per cent of my MM entries have been winners but this one, not so much.

What you see pictured above are (supposed to be) Ham-and-Gruyere Thumbprints from Martha Stewart Living. The problem is that while making these, I forgot to add half the ingredients to the batter and was forced to frantically sprinkle the missing ingredients on after the thumbprints went into the oven.

Not good.

I made these for our New Year’s Eve party and while they didn’t turn out horribly, they weren’t that great either.

Ah, well! They can’t all be good!

See you for the next Magazine Mondays post … have a great week everyone!