She dreams of Rahier.

Cream Puff has been dreaming of cake a lot these days.

Mainly because she hasn’t been able to bake one in, like, forever. (Sorry. When the Cream Puff is tired her Valley Girl persona emerges).



Anyway, soon the scents of baking shall be wafting forth from this blog once again.


Until then … just dream along with the Cream Puff … today’s dream is about coconut dacquoise, white chocolate buttercream, coconut mousse and passionfruit cream otherwise knows as the Colbert!


I first learned of Francois Rahier when I read about him in an issue of Martha Stewart Living. As it turned out, the man had a patisserie in my own city. Happiness! Quite frankly, Rahier is a patisserie on par with any in the world and in my humble opinion, has the best croissants in Toronto. The cake pictured above is called the Colbert and is the cake we ordered to celebrate Mama Cream Puff’s birthday!