I have lost my baking mojo.

I cannot believe it.

After two months of almost no baking thanks to a huge work project, I had every intention of diving right back into the deep end of the baking pool.

For several weeks now I’ve been sifting through my most treasured cookbooks imagining all the recipes I’d finally try. I have broken every I-won’t-buy-one-more-magazine vow that I’ve made and happily bookmarked recipe after recipe.

And all I have to show for it are these mini Cranberry Vanilla Coffeecakes that fell apart.


In an attempt to spark some excitement, I thought I’d bake them in mini bundt pans instead of one large pan. And when I overfilled the mini bundt pans, I ignored the baking voice that said, “You’re headed for trouble, Cream Puff.”


I never ignore the voice. But I did.

And then this happened.

I threw the whole lot in the garbage. I couldn’t even bear to look at them.

Where has my mojo gone?

Me sad.

Send help.