Happy Easter, my friends!

The cold and snow of earlier this week has passed and Toronto has now been embraced by the sun.


On this day of new beginnings, I hope it’s a new beginning for all of you in so many ways. I hope it’s a beginning to a season of new ideas, lovely food, the best baking and many warm moments.


For me, Easter is always a beginning. For starters, soon I shall put away my socks and let my feet live freely in sandals (have I ever mentioned my hatred of socks … no? … a post for another day …). I’m also hopeful that it’s the beginning of some better baking. As you know from this post, I’ve been struggling of late, but it seems that with the Chocolate Coffee Dacquoise pictured here, things are beginning to get back on track. Mostly I’m hopeful, that it’s the beginning of many joyful days for all of us!


A new beginning. That sounds very nice.

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua from Cream Puff and family to you!