The March 2008 issue of Food & Wine magazine is probably one of the best issues in a long time. I bookmarked numerous recipes, in particular a series of recipes in one of the issue’s features called “How to Cook Like You Own an Italian Villa.” For this edition of Magazine Mondays, I decided to share with you a recipe from that feature called Roasted Cipollini Onions with Sherry Vinegar.


Just one problem, the picture you see above does not feature cipollini onions. When I went to the grocery store, I actually found cipollini and was so excited but in my excitement, I ended up picking pearl onions, instead.

Pearl onions are small, round onions that are perfect for pickling, but can also be used in stews and casseroles. Cipollini, which are also quite small, tend to be flatter and yellower than pearl onions.

In the end, though, it wasn’t such a big deal and I went ahead with the recipe. I’m so glad that I did. These were easy and so delicious. In fact, in the month since I tried this recipe, these roasted onions have become one of our very favourite side dishes.

You can double and triple the recipe and then store the reserves in a jar in the fridge with some added vinegar and they’ll keep for up to a week. We like them warm, but they’re also very good cold in sandwiches. I hope you give them a try.

Once again, there a number of people out there who have been diligently attacking those pesky magazine piles. Here are some fellow Magazine Mondayers:

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One last note before I wish you a great week, people are always asking me about where to get great recipes (besides cookbooks) and of course I’m always happy to help. Your best resource is the Internet and individual magazine sites. I’m sure you all know the usual suspects but one particular site that I’m a big fan of is the Better Homes and Gardens site, which has a very thorough and extensive recipe section. And of course, since you know I loooooooooove my dessert, I have to take a moment to point out their dessert section, which not only includes recipes, but also some very helpful baking tips and hints.

Please remember that if you post a magazine recipe, send me the link and I’ll put it up in my next Magazine Mondays post. You can post any day of the week … it doesn’t have to be a Monday!

And that’s that, my friends. Have a wonderful week!