I had the opportunity to speak to someone recently about the pleasure of blogging and as I explained, one of the greatest pleasures are the friendships.

Early on in my blogging career, I met Jasmine and consider myself blessed to know her.

In May, she contacted me asking if I’d do her a favour by baking some cupcakes for one of her coworkers. Naturally I said yes and the photo above is the result.

I love baking for people like Jasmine because she is adventurous, whimsical and trusting. When I asked her what sort of cupcake she was looking for her answer was, surprise me.

I love that. I love it because there are so many baking choices out there beyond chocolate and vanilla (not that there’s anything wrong with chocolate and vanilla, mind you). But I also love it because as a baker, it’s your time to shine and try new things.

So I went to the groaning, creaking bookshelf that holds all my cookbooks and flipped through a variety of books before I settled on a recipe for Rose Water and Raspberry Cupcakes. I’ve mentioned this a few times but rose water is THE ingredient of 2009 for me. I’m using it in everything and loving it.


These particular cupcakes were a pleasure for me. They’re what I would call a very “adult” cupcake. Not overtly sweet, the crumb of the cupcake is tender and subtle and the ganache adds just enough sweetness. The rose water and raspberry give the cupcake a very elegant edge.

The nice thing about this sort of baking work is that the pleasure is always all mine.


The recipe for these cupcakes is from the book Cupcakes: Luscious Bakeshop Favorites From Your Home Kitchen by Shelly Kaldunski.