I am fascinated by the nomenclature of food. I mean who doesn’t want to walk around saying things like, “Hey. Guess what I just made. A Fraisier.”

Over the course of the past month, I’ve heard these little yummy fellows called all sorts of things but I shall call them Potstickers because a) they did and b) it’s just such a cute name.

To begin, I owe Jen of just use butter endless, and I mean endless, thanks for hosting the June 2009 Daring Cooks’ challenge (the 2nd one in our history!) and for daring us to make dumplings/potstickers/gyoza from scratch (and that includes the dough, thank you very much).

Jen requires no introduction. Her blog speaks for itself. And she is of course one of the greatest things about food blogging.

Effortlessly (at least to me), she demystified a dish that I have only ever had in Japanese restaurants and that I would NEVER EVER EVER consider making at home.

But just as quick as you can snap your fingers and say Potstickers, Ms. Jen was all here’s-how-ya’-do-it-A-B-C-1-2-3-thanks-for-coming-out.

No fuss. No muss. No five days of pre-preparation. No 57 different elements to the recipe. Just clear instructions with same great step-by-stop photos on her blog.

I call it brilliant.

Anyway, these were easy and delicious. I used a shrimp and ground beef filling. While there were some ingredients I was unable to find (i.e., bamboo shoots, chili garlic paste), I substituted by adding red pepper flakes and lots and lots of green onion.

The dough was easy to make (although I found I had to add almost a cup of water as opposed to the half cup that the recipe calls for.

I was overly indulgent while frying these and as you can see they bottoms turned a tad more mahogany then they probably should have. As well, I don’t think I rolled the dough quite as thinly but you know what, they were still so good.

Here’s a photo journal of my efforts followed by the recipe. Jen, what can I say. I call you Amazing!

I started with the dipping sauce.


I continued with the filling.


I brought up the rear with the dough, made easily in the food processor.


I rolled out my dough into small rounds, being careful to keep a slight raise in the centre.


I stuffed and folded and pinched (not so well).


I ate.



You can find the recipe for the dumplings/potstickers, along with some great photos, here.