A few months ago, I shared with you the fact that when I want to order a special a cake (and don’t feel like baking it myself), I turn to Rahier Pâtisserie, Toronto’s premiere pastry shop (in my opinion).

Well I had to share another example of the shop’s brilliance with the Gâteau St. Honoré you see pictured above. You have to special order the gâteau (call at least 48 hours in advance) and if ordering it in the summer, the trip home can be a bit dicey depending on how hot it is in your car (you may notice a bit of melted caramel off to the side), but despite all of that I cannot stress enough how worth it this dessert is.

We always have a Canada Day barbecue for the family at our house. It’s been a particularly busy time for me and because of the late arrival of summer in these parts, we’re still not seeing an abundance of local fresh fruit. On a whim, I decided to order a cake and because of a conversation with a good friend of mine, I had Gâteau St. Honoré on my mind.

If you’re ever in Toronto I urge you stop by Rahier for a coffee and a pastry (the pâtisserie is in a cute neighbourhood with lots of nice shops) and if you are a Toronto resident, I urge you to visit the shop and try their goods.

You will not be disappointed.

Cream Puff’s honour!


In May 2007, the Daring Bakers made Gâteau St. Honoré. Ah, the good ol’ days!