Doesn’t anyone out there want to win a trip to NYC???!

Last month, Lis and I announced an exciting contest that we’re hosting thanks to the great people with at the U.S. Confection Connection.

We’re offering an all-expenses paid trip for our lucky winner (and a guest) to New York City from January 2 to January 5. In addition to round-trip airfare and hotel stay, the winner will get to attend the New York Cake Convention where they will be able to attend events like the Live Cake Challenge, as well as have the chance to assist pastry chef Michelle Bonmarito in a class.

So what do you have to do to win?

Simple. Just decorate a cake! We’re asking people to decorate a 9-inch cake to best represent the Autumn. Your submission has to include three photos: one photo of your 9-inch cake, undecorated; one photo of your cake, mid-process; and one photo of the finished cake.

We don’t care what flavour the cake is, if it’s layered or not, or even if you baked it yourself. As long as it’s nine inches, you’re good to go!

Be wild, be creative, be fun!

All of the details are here, on The Daring Kitchen site.

But hurry because you only have five days left!

Submissions should be posted here.

If you have any questions at all, e-mail me at creampuffsinvenice{@}gmail{dot}com.

Come on people, get your cake on for a chance to go to NYC!!!