And on the ninth day of the 12 Days of Cookbooks, I give you A Year in Lucy’s Kitchen by Lucy Waverman.

I’m not sure how well Lucy Waverman is known outside of Canada (hopefully very well). She’s a very well-respected food writer and cookbook author.

Her most recent book is yet another winner. In Canada, she’s probably best known for her column in the Globe & Mail, which is always a treat to read. I also love her because she’s the food editor of Food & Drink magazine, which is a free magazine available at the LCBO that has better recipes and a higher production quality than many of the all-too expensive “food magazines” on the market.

Okay. Obviously I’m a fan.

Her latest book is a tribute to seasonal food, with a month-by-month glimpse of all that is in season and delicious. The cookbook also boasts wine tips from Lucy’s husband.

Lucy’s recipes work. They just do.


Once again, I didn’t have a lot of time to test recipes, but I did head straight for the recipe for beignets with chocolate sauce. The batter for these are very similar to the batter for cream puffs. While they were absolutely delicious, I had some issues with them through no fault of Lucy’s. I mistakenly used the wrong size of eggs and it made my batter more runny than it should have been. I ended up with something closer to funnel cakes than I did to beignets. My silly mistake aside, the beignets and chocolate sauce were scrumptious!


I love Lucy. I hope you’ll take my word and buy her cookbook for yourself or as a gift for the avid cook in your life!