I would have to say that pizza is in my top three favourite foods. Rare is the time when I have uttered, much less thought, the words “Don’t really feel like pizza right now.”

And it’s unlikely that you’ll be hearing me say that anytime soon. In fact, probably never.

I don’t know if it’s a beautifully blistered, thin crust, the tangy sweetness of simple tomato sauce, the creamy texture of mozzarella or the beauty of a basil leaf laid gently atop a just-cooked pie, but pizza is a thing of beauty to me. (In case you’re wondering, in Toronto, as far as I’m concerned, this is the only place to go for really really really good and worthy pizza.)

I think what I like most about pizza, though, is that you can make excellent pizza at home rather easily and for very little money.

Prior to Christmas, I treated myself to a copy of Jim Lahey’s stunning cookbook .

Over the weekend, I delved into the pizza section and made the Pizza Patate (Potato Pizza). I had intended to save the pizza for a write-up about the book (will definitely still do one) but then I realized that there was an on-line source for the recipe, albeit a slightly different version.

You can find the recipe here but just note that it’s not the exact same recipe as the one found in his book.


This is a slightly unusual entry for me for Magazine Mondays as it’s technically not a recipe I found in a magazine, but hey, I’m the creator of MM so I get to do what I want!

I hope this will be a bigger and better year for Magazine Mondays. I have a lot of plans for the “non-event” and hopefully I can see them through. Mostly I hope to stick to one of my resolutions for 2010 which is to purchase fewer magazines and instead focus on cooking from the ones I already own.

Here’s hoping!

And here’s who joined me for the first edition of MM for 2010:

Tia of Buttercream Barbie made an Apricot Orange Coffee Cake from Cook’s Country and Hawaiian & Mushroom Pizza.

Janie of Panini Girl made Mediterranean Rice-Stuffed Escarole from Gourmet.

Tamy of 3 Sides of Crazy made Sour Cream Dutch Apple Pie.

Poppyseed of Poppyseed and Tiger Lilies made Hazelnut and Currant Baked Apples with Sticky Marsala Sauce from Issue 38 of Donna Hay.

Chaya of Sweet and Savory Says it All made Honey Ginger Chicken with Peppers from Food Everyday.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!