Have you ever felt, with every fibre of you’re being, that you love a place even though you’ve never been there?

I have never set foot in New Orleans but I know, just about as well as I know my own name, that I love that city.

One day I will get there and my love will be confirmed.

I just know it.

Before Katrina, I was actually been planning a trip to New Orleans but my plans were scuttled by a combination of work and other commitments. Along with just about everyone else, I was shocked, saddened and so angry to see what happened during and after the storm.

And always, I would think about New Orleans and wonder, “When will I get there?”

I’m still asking that question, but I feel a tad closer ever since I started watching an amazing show called Treme.

I’m not one to talk about much beyond baking, cooking and cookbooks on this blog, but I just have to tell you about this show because it is brilliant.

Not only does it feature several of my favourite actors (hello, John Goodman and Wendell Pierce!), I cannot even tell you how brilliant the music is.

The name of the show comes from a neighbourhood in New Orleans and the show features numerous storylines all of which follow the men and women of Treme as they put their lives back together in the months after Katrina.

The star of the show is the music, though. Without a doubt.

As I watched last week’s episode and I found myself wondering about a trip to New Orleans, I rememberd that many months ago I picked up a copy of DamGoodSweet: Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, New Orleans Style by David Guas.

I started to flip through the book and had half-convinced myself to start making beignets, even though it was very late, but then I thought why not try something a little more manageable for the evening. Having remembered a post from Molly of Orangette about caramel corn, I decided that I would go for it.


That was damn good caramel corn! Damn good like the show … hope you watch it!


Click here for Molly’s version of the recipe.