I have returned from Paris!

What a grand week we had! The return home was a bit of an adventure but we made it back safe and sound and we’re left only with memories of a fascinating, delicious city.

While we put in due time visiting all the sites, the reality is that that I spent most of the week eating my way through the city, arrondissement by arrondissement.

I can’t tell which was most delicious.

But I fell hard for Paris after dinners at Mon Vieil Ami and Les Bouqinistes. I got a little tipsy here, but don’t tell anyone.

I took the Ladurée/Pierre Hermé macaron taste-test challenge and I still can’t decide which I prefer. That was part of a tremendous Chocolate Walk that we signed up for through Context Travel. If you go to Paris, I highly recommend their tours!

I watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle and I’m not ashamed to admit I teared up a bit.

The Musée d’Orsay stole my heart. It was a reminder to me that we should all do whatever is necessary to encourage the creation and protection of art.

Speaking of art, I had to actually walk out of Gérard Mulot because I was going to cry. It is a living and bustling monument to the beauty of pastry and baking.

And on the subject of pastry and baking, I was charmed out of my mind by Coquelicot. If I could ever own a bakery, that’s exactly what it would like.

I immersed myself in butter. I ate it all up. Everywhere.

I inhaled the delicious air at Eric Kayser and I paid my respects at Poilâne. The amount of bread I ate is not even measurable.

And I spent my fair share of time gawking at the French. There should be a picture of the map of France under the definition of “elegance” in the dictionary. I don’t know if it’s the tap water or just being born there but people seem to have this innate chicness that you just can’t buy off a hanger.

I want to live in the St. German des Prés district.

I tasted chocolate that reaffirms why bad chocolate is a blasphemy.

I was presented with the most stuning millefeuille at L’Arpege. And I knew, as my fork shattered the perfect pastry, that good food is worth anything. Anything.

This post doesn’t do the week justice. Every day was a lesson in the history of Paris and the ways of the Parisians. It was a whirlwind, and at times it was overwhelming.

But it was so worth it.


Merci, Paris!