It’s hard to believe, but this December I will celebrate five years of blogging. That’s five years of some pretty amazing food adventures.

I will certainly always remember one of the very first food events that I took part in: Sugar High Fridays.

Created by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess, SHF is a celebration of the sweet life.

You can imagine how proud I was when I got to host SHF #35 in September 2007. My theme was figs and the results were tremendous.

So here we are again. More than three years later and I am once again honoured to be hosting SHF. It being December, I’ve chosen a dessert that has fascinated me for a very long time: trifle.

I must have been a teenager the first time that I heard of trifle and I remember learning that it was a very “English” dessert. At the time, my baking horizons were limited to what my mother, grandmothers and aunts baked and so you can imagine that in our very Italian household there wasn’t much trifle to be had.

Always a lover of anything creamy, I was endlessly fascinated by the idea of a bowl full of cut up cake covered in booze and cream.

Endlessly. Fascinated.

It wasn’t until December 2008, if you can believe it, that I finally made my very first bona fide trifle.

I had a tremendously busy October and November so I didn’t get to make a new trifle for this special announcement. Instead, I dug up a picture of my first trifle and share it with you here.

It is an Italian Trifle, made from a recipe featured in Food & Wine. It was delicious.

So for SHF #72, I’m asking you to think trifle, to go into your kitchens, to create and to share.

Jennifer very graciously allowed me to make my announcement today (instead of December 1st) as I have another special blog announcement on that day.

It being December, and as such a very busy month, I’m giving everyone until midnight EST on December 31st to submit their entries. Here’s what I need from you:

Your name.
Your blog name and url.
The name of your trifle and the source of the recipe.
The url of your post.
One picture (and one only) of the trifle you prepared.

Remember, the deadline is December 31st and the round-up will be on January 1st, 2011.

To keep you company, I will be taking part in SHF right along with you. Since I didn’t make a new trifle for this post, I’m going to hit my cookbooks and find the perfect holiday trifle recipe to share.

As we embark on the holiday season, please take time to enjoy being in your kitchen and making all the sweet things that this time of year calls for. Watch your favourite holiday movies. Listen to your favourite holiday music. Spend time with your loved ones.