Ah, cookbooks! Where would we be without you?!

Today I bring you a cookbook that I was anticipating for more than a year: Rosetta Costantino’s My Calabria: Rustic Family Cooking from Italy’s Undiscovered South.

I first heard about Rosetta through her blog, Calabria From Scratch. My mother is a native of Calabria, born in the province of Reggio. Naturally, I found it so pleasing to read such a wonderful blog that highlighted the impressive food of Calabria.

When Rosetta’s book was finally published, I presented my mom with a copy and she loved it. It’s been very interesting to look through the book and recognize so many dishes that are a part of my family’s cooking tradition.

Rosetta’s book is a wonderful cookbook first, but it’s also a book that has much to say about the food culture of Calabria. It’s passionate and thorough, and the perfect gift for anyone of Calabrian descent or anyone who is interested in southern Italian cooking.

My mother, as it is her book, had the honour of trying the first recipe and she chose to make Insalata di Polipo (Octopus Salad). The octopus was tender and delicious – a simple recipe that yields a refreshing result.

My congratulations to Rosetta on a truly wonderful accomplishment!