While almost all of the cookbooks that you’ll see in my 12 Days of Cookbooks feature are books that are new to me in 2010, that is not the case with all of them.

Case-in-point: Stonewall Kitchen Favorites: Delicious Recipes to Share with Family and Friends Every Day.

This cookbook has been on my shelf for many years and is one of my favourites. On many a Friday night after a long week at work I have pulled this book off the shelf and let the comforting pictures and recipes relax and inspire me.

While it holds many recipes that I cherish, the one that is all splattered, dog-eared and covered in greasy fingerprints is the recipe for “Fruit and Nut Maple Granola”.

Much like pancake recipes and muffin recipes, I have yet to meet a granola recipe that I don’t want to try. I love granola.

But time and time again, it’s the Stonewall Kitchen recipe that I turn to because it’s so satisfying.

The recipe has the perfect balance between oats, nuts and a delicious maple flavour that’s hard to beat.

I prefer to eat fresh fruit with granola so I leave out dried fruit add-ins. I also love a cinnamon-flavoured granola so I have doubled the cinnamon punch from the original recipe.

Other than that, my version of the granola stays true to the original: oats, coconut, nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, canola oil, vanilla extract and lots of natural maple syrup.

You know how good your house smells when you bake apple pie? Your house smells just as good when you make this granola.

But don’t think that’s the only reason to pick up this book. It has everything from salads to sandwiches to desserts for all occasions. And the recipes are very straightforward and will yield results that make you happy and that comfort you.

One of my all-time favourites!