As part of my ongoing desire to have more bread baking in my life, I’m delighted to bring you my choice for Day 10. That’s Elinor Klivans’ Fast Breads: 50 Recipes for Easy, Delicious Bread.

Elinor Klivans is an accomplished baker and cookbook author. I’m happy to say I own many of her cookbooks and this one is another winner.

Fast Breads is about getting delicious bread and other treats onto your table quickly without sacrificing flavour.

I just really like this book. It has everything from breakfast breads to sandwich breads. All the recipes are clear and concise so even an inexperienced baker can handle them.

It’s not a biggie, but it’s a goodie.


I have to give credit to Mamma Cream Puff for helping me out with this one. She made the scrumptious “Lots of Cheese Bread” you see pictured above. It was easy, definitely had a lot of cheese and it was delicious!

Hope you put this under the tree for someone!