Hello all! I have to apologize for the unexpected delay in completing the 12 Days of Cookbooks series. My site was down over the weekend but all has been rectified and we are back in business!

I had planned a Magazine Mondays post today, however, that takes a back seat to the 12 Days of Cookbooks!

My Day 11 choice was none other than the brilliant Alice Medrich’s Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies. Cookies are my very favourite thing in the world to bake so she pretty much had me at cookies.

However, if that isn’t enough to entice you, then pick up the book and you’ll understand why you should buy it.

I love when I come across people in life who are doing what they were born to do and that is Alice Medrich. Her cookbooks do more than just present recipes, they teach on a deep, deep level in the way that natural born teachers are able to do.

What I also love about Alice’s recipes is that they always have a slight little twist. A little something to just give each recipe a bit of a twinkle.


I plan on trying a few more recipes before the holidays but the first one I tried was the recipe for Snicker Doodles. I have never made Snicker Doodles before.

I’m not sure why because one would think that anything covered in cinnamon and sugar would be right up my alley but this is the first time that I ventured into Snicker Doodle territory and boy am I glad I went there.

If you know or love (or both) a baker, please buy them this book. Buy one for yourself while you’re at it!

And finally, for the twelfth book in the 12 Days of Cookbooks series I give you Tonia George‘s Things on Toast.

A few days ago at work, I was having a discussion with some colleagues about foods that we couldn’t give up. People threw around a lot of foods like chocolate and eggs, but I immediately said bread.

I could not live without bread. Sorry. No can do.


Things on Toast struck a chord as soon as I picked it up. You might think it’s strange to buy a book about all the things you can put on toast but then you start looking at the pictures and reading the recipes (why have I never put lemon curd on toast before???) and it makes perfect sense.

I took the simple route and slathered my toast with a mixture of butter, cinnamon and Demerara sugar. So. Good.

This one is for all the toast lovers. Cheers to them!

Thank you so much for following my 12 Days of Cookbooks series! I have a few honourable mentions, which I’ll discuss a bit later this month. We’ll do it again next year!